Homemade Fish Finger
This Fish Finger is a very popular, highly delicious and crispy, and one of the top snacks and appetizers. Even the children those who do not like to eat normal fish may choice to take Fish Finger. Also adults who do not like fish to eat may like too in the form of Fish Finger. Now to see, how this awesome appetizer can be prepared at home using a few ingredients in a very easy procedure.
  1. At first all edges of the bread are to cut away. Then cut the remaining breads into small pieces to be kept in a bowl and add one by one Boneless Rui-fish, Soy sauce, Ginger and Onion powder, Sugar, Salt as needed, Egg yolk, White Pepper powder and Lime juice. Intermix all these ingredients properly for a dough. Thus a smooth dough so far made is to divide into several equal pieces for shaping the Fish Fingers all alike. These pieces are to make finger like size pressing by hand.
  2. Beat the egg in a pot finely with a spoon. Now steep Fish Finger in the beaten egg by one hand and roll the same in the bread crumbs for proper coating by the other hand. In this way all the Fish Fingers firstly steep in the egg and subsequently roll in the bread crumbs to get them finely coated. After completion of coating all the Fish Fingers keep them rest for 10 to 15 minutes so that the bread crumbs be set properly.
  3. Heat oil in pan to deep-fry Fish Fingers in hot oil at medium flame. Dip the Fish Fingers into the oil pressing with a spoon at times to get all sides equally well fried. In this manner fry the Fish Fingers until becoming golden brown color.
  4. On completion of frying remove the Fish Fingers from oil in a plate set with paper towel which will blot excess oil.
  5. Now these highly delicious Homemade Fish Fingers can be served in a serving plate.