Noodles Spring Roll

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Noodles Spring Roll
Noodles Spring Roll is a very popular item of food for light refreshment mainly at afternoon. It can be easily prepared at home. Necessary ingredients and method of preparation this tasty food are given here.
  1. At first 250gm water requires to boil in a cooking pot and add noodles with spices in it. Cook till the noodles become free from water and then put it out of the oven to make cool. Keeping the noodles in a mixing bowl add onion cuts, tomato catch-up and green chilli and intermingle those items properly. Make a glue with flour by adding some water for subsequent use.
  2. Place some noodles on a spring sheet in form of roll-shape and fold inward from both sides. Then continue folding roll from the lower end to upward and make it sealed at the finishing point with flour glue made earlier. Likewise, seven roll can be made from a single packet of noodles.
  3. Fry those rolls in a pan with medium heated oil. It is to note that usage of high heated oil causes the surface of roll burnt while its inner portion remains un-fried. So it is wise not to use high heated oil.
  4. Put the fried rolls on paper towel to blot excess oil. These tasteful Noodles Spring Roll so prepared can be served with catch-up, salad or sauce.
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