Pilau / Pulao Rice

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Pilau is a mouth watering food beyond doubt. In Indo-Pak sub-continent it is commonly known as ‘Polao’. Pilau is one of the highly tasteful food-stuff customary in human society for years together specially in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and various Asian countries of the Middle East. Nobody should forget it to taste. Ingredients for it with the cooking process given below:
  1. Firstly, the rice is to be washed finely. Water more than 2 cup (equivalent to rice cup) requires to make hot for subsequent use. One table spoonful oil in a pan with one or one and a half table spoonful ghee is to make hot in an oven. Add cassia-leaf, cardamom, cinnamon and onion cuts and let those items be mixed and fried through shaking so long the onion cuts turn into golden-browny color.
  2. Add ginger & garlic paste and shake for a while; adding pilau rice continue shaking for 4/5 minutes. Pour a little bit less than 2-cup of hot water made earlier when the rice becomes almost free of moisture and mix sugar, salt and powder milk through proper shaking with a cooking tool. Note that the role of water in pilau cooking is very sensitive while milk makes it soft and mild. Liquid milk can be used too. Since liquid milk contains water its usage should make well justified by curtailing proportionately equivalent quantity of hot water in pilau.
  3. Cook at medium heat keeping lid of the pan tight till boiling of rice. Check whether the portion of water in pilau is appropriate. Only in case of need a little hot water can be added otherwise not. Add some green-chilli and ghee of a tea spoonful. Cook at comparatively low heat for 4/5 minute to make pilau free of moisture. Then stop the oven.
  4. Take some pilau in a bowl and mix food color with it. Keep this colored pilau on the pilau remaining in pan again for 4/5 minute on the stopped oven duly tightened the pan’s lid to get soft and mild pilau.
  5. Open the lid and shake pilau softly. Now serve hot pilau in a plate with some onion Beresta.
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