Masoor Dal / Lentil Restaurant Style

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Restaurant Style Lentil Recipe
Bangladeshi Restaurant style popular Dal Recipe is presented here. A man who tries can easily make this dal at home. This Dal Recipe is purely of Bangla restaurant style. Now to see, how this Restaurant Style Lentil, a high-protein pulse or Dal can be prepared at home easily using few required ingredients.
  1. At first the Lentil is to cleanse by washing several times. Taking this cleansed Lentil in a pressure cooker add Turmeric powder, Salt to taste and water as needed for cooking up to 4 or 5 whistles. Then the pressure cooker is to keep out of the flame in rest until complete elimination of pressure in it.
  2. On opening the pressure cooker if it is found that the water has been completely soaked by lentil then 1 to 2 glasses of warm water or the quantity of water required to maintain desired level of thickness of dal is to be added.
  3. Heating oil in a pan add Whole Cumin seeds. Stirring for sometime add Chopped Onion and when the Onion becomes slightly soft give Ginger & Garlic paste to the spicy mixture. After stirring for a while add Chopped Tomato followed by powders of Black Pepper & Coriander. Cook through stirring by covering with lid so as to quicken the boiling of Tomato. Let most of the liquid in spices be evaporated properly. Thereafter add the Dal liquified earlier to cook until proper boiling. The dal so prepared can be served with any kind of Paratha, Bread, Luchi or Plain Rice. It is really very tasteful to take irrespective of the kinds of main food served with.
  4. When Dal starts simmering, the cooking is considered to be as completed. At this stage stopping the flame add Chopped Coriander Leaves and let the pan with Dal on the stopped flame for sometime. Then taking this hot Restaurant Style Lentil prepared at home in a serving dish can be served conveniently.
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