Stir Vegetable Egg Noodles

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Stir Fry Vegetable Egg Noodles
Stir Vegetable Egg Noodles, a highly tasteful recipe popular to all people irrespective of ages. Easy procedure to make these Noodles at home is available. Now to see how and with what ingredients these Noodles can be prepared at homely cuisine.
  1. At first the Eggs with Salt & Black Pepper powder are to smear well. Setting a pan on the stove spread a little quantity of oil in it. Pour Egg mixture in the pan and cut into small pieces with the cooking spud when lower portion of the Egg going to be boiled. The cut Egg pieces are to fry until liquidity of those pieces exhaust completely.
  2. After completion of egg frying the remaining oil is to pour in the pan to fry chopped onion for sometime. At this stage the heat of stove is to maximise. Frying chopped onion for 1 or 2 minutes add chopped Carrot and stir in the similar way. Then add Green Capsicum and after stirring for sometime add chopped Cabbage to it. Thus intermix all these through stirring well and add Black Pepper powder & Salt to taste. Fry vegetables until boiling in such a manner that the color of the same remains unchanged.
  3. Now add Noodles and intermix all items properly. If it cannot be done with one spoon then two spoons are to use in two hands to ensure good mixing. Thereafter add formerly cut eggs with soy sauce and mix again all these properly. Then stop the stove.
  4. Hot Noodles so prepared can be served by taking in a serving plate. Stir Fry Vegetables Egg Noodles are very nice looking in one hand and awesome tasty too one the other hand. These Noodles are highly popular to all from children to men irrespective of ages.
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